Introductory Video

We’ve created this video to better explain the role and what’s involved. At the end of the video, a link will be provided to our online application which will be the next step to joining the C&W Transport team.

Know what you're jumping into?

Head straight to the online application or keep reading for more info. If in any doubt, call our recruitment team on 0203 489 7343


Let's Recap

By now you know we are looking for Multi-Drop Delivery drivers. However, what does that entail? Let’s get into the detail.

C&W Transport operates from a multitude of locations in the UK and we are consistently expanding into new locations. We mainly service the worlds largest online retailer delivering small and medium parcels to their customers each day. Our daily operations are a precise, calculated and rewarding on all levels. If you like driving and interacting with customers, this job is ideal for you.

A typical day as a Multi-Drop Delivery driver will involve attending your local delivery station to collect your assigned route at the specific collection time. You will be assigned a route that equates to a maximum of 9 calculated hours which includes the travel time from collection point to first delivery destination. Each delivery location thereafter, including the time required to travel between, is all included in the 9 hour limit. For new drivers, you will be assigned 2 types of smaller route before you are assigned what is known as a ‘full route’. These smaller routes are designed to allow you more time to get to know the system, delivery methods and overall familiarity with the role.

We deliver 363 days per year. However, the maximum any one delivery driver can provide services is 6 days per week. We must adhere to health & safety regulations, especially when operating a moving vehicle.


We pay our drivers weekly on each Friday, This is after the initial 3 week in-hand period. Route payments vary dependant on the route, here is a list of the most common routes types and their relative payment:

Medium Van (Delivery station within M25)
Standard Parcel (9HR): £128.20 (Per Route)
Remote Debrief (9HR): £128.20 (Per Route)
Standard Parcel (8HR): £115.00 (Per Route)
Standard Parcel (6HR): £90.00 (Per Route)

Medium Van (Delivery station outside of M25)
Standard Parcel (9HR): £123.20 (Per Route)
Remote Debrief (9HR): £123.20 (Per Route)
Standard Parcel (8HR): £115.00 (Per Route)
Standard Parcel (6HR): £90.00 (Per Route)

Large Van (Delivery station within M25)
Standard Parcel (9HR): £148.20 (Per Route)
Collection (5HR): £100.00 (Per Route)
Collection (9HR): £148.20 (Per Route)

Large Van (Delivery station outside M25)
Standard Parcel (9HR): £143.20 (Per Route)
Collection (9HR): £143.20 (Per Route)

On top of these daily route payments, you will also receive £1.80 for using your own device and £0.17p per routed mile to cover fuel costs<. Any days spent training will also be paid at a rate of £78.50 for each day and can entail 1-4 days of theory/practical.

Any additional packages delivered, routes or if you offer to help colleagues out on road, will be paid in addition and the amount will be quoted to you before undertaking.

Bonuses are also payable. The main earner of bonuses is for delivery compliance targets met. The targets are set based on us following correct and proper delivery methods whilst handling the package in our possession to the safety of the customer and then recording that accurately on the delivery application. If targets are met as a delivery station team, all drivers who provided services in that particular week will be due a bonus payment that can range from £5 – £25 per route delivered.

Before Delivering

We must follow correct on-boarding procedures, however we’ve made it quick, simple and very efficient. Here are the steps;

1. Complete the online application pack – Below you will find a link that will take you directly to the online application. The application can take up to 45 minutes to complete and you will need your personal documents to hand: Passport/Birth Certificate, National ID card, Driving Licence, VISA/Residence Permit (if applicable) and a letter for proof of address. The online application will ask you to take clear, full image pictures of your documentation so you will need to use either a mobile phone with camera or have these images ready to upload from a computer.

2. Attend Toxicology screening. Each of our drivers undergoes screening for drugs & alcohol content by way of providing a sample of urine to an independent Toxicology company who specialise in pre-employment and initial vetting, the company who we engage to complete this step is called Alere Toxicology. It is also worth mentioning that random Toxicology test are also possible. Once you have passed the screening, we will submit your Disclosure and Barring Scotland basic background check. Also known as a CRB or Criminal Background check. As it is a basic check, the turnaround time can be as little as 12 hours and a maximum of 5 days.

3. Once your background check is complete, you will be invited to attend the next available induction session, remember training is paid at £78.50 Per day. Induction can be either 1 or 2 days, may require you to attend the delivery station for the full day or attend an online session if available. A test at the end of the induction will need to be passed before you are signed off as ready.

4. Once induction is passed, you may or may not need to attend 1 or 2 days on-road training with one of our experienced drivers. You will get to experience first hand, the life of our driver on route for a full day. Note: Due to the current COVID Pandemic, on-road training with one of our drivers is currently suspended as this would breach the 2m social distancing guideline.

Did we mention?

Toxicology testing and submission of your DBS criminal background check is paid by us. In fact, you don’t need to front any money for anything, even for a deposit on a rental vehicle that you keep in your possession. That’s right, all we need is a little of your time to go through the process.

5. Training done, it’s now up to you. If you have required a rental vehicle, the location for pickup will be provided, you will need to collect your vehicle and sign the rental agreement. Once you are in possession of the vehicle, you can expect to be out on road delivering your first route.

We're ready, are you?

We can’t wait to have you on the team.

Follow the online application link below to start your delivery career with C&W Transport.